Boat Rentals

Boat rental (with or without Skipper)

Hours: 7:00 to sunset

Our company also offers the possibility to rent a boat.

Speedboat driving license is not required for the renting of boats.

The rental boat is ideal for those who wish to travel by themselves independently and navigate to places of incomparable beauty in our island, based on their own preference and there is no limit to the distance that you can cover.

  • All our boats are new, fast and fully conformed to all safety regulations.
  • Speedboat driving license is not required for the renting of boats.
  • No distance limits
  • First aid kit
  • All the boats have tent, ladder, cushions, life vests, waterproof bag, wateproof phone case and all the necessary equipment
  • Cooler with ice available
  • Professional sound system 
  • All the boats have third-party insurance
  • A detailed map with special tips to visit the best hidden places
  • Gps on the boat so it can be located at all times
  • The cost depends on the rental duration and the gasoline is included in the price.
  • The boats must be returned in exactly the same condition they are given Any damage caused by misuse of the renter, must be entirely covered by the renter.
  • The customers must present an identification (ID, passport, driver’s licence in order to make the contract for the boat rental.
  • Upon request we can arrange your transportation to and from your hotel.