Κοινοπραξία Πλοίων Πόρτο Βρώμη Μαριές

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O κόλπος του Πόρτο Βρώμη είναι διαιρεμένος σε δύο λιμάνια με διαφορετικές προσβάσεις που δεν συνδέονται μεταξύ τους. Για να αποφύγετε οποιαδήποτε ταλαιπωρία, σας ενημερώνουμε ότι θα βρείτε την εταιρεία μας μόνο ακολουθώντας τον παρακάτω σύνδεσμο:

Κοινοπραξία Πλοίων Πόρτο Βρώμη Μαριές

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Πλησιέστερο λιμάνι για το Ναυάγιο, τις μεγαλύτερες γαλάζιες σπηλιές της Ζακύνθου και για τους κορυφαίους προορισμούς του νησιού.


Πόρτο Βρώμη Μαριές


Με έδρα τη Ζάκυνθο, οργανώνουμε εκδρομές με σκάφη προς την διάσημη παραλία του Ναυαγίου και τις εκπληκτικές θαλάσσιες σπηλιές που βρίσκονται στην περιοχή γύρω. Το Πόρτο Βρώμη Μαριές είναι ο πλησιέστερος οργανωμένος λιμένας στην παραλία του Ναυαγίου στη Ζάκυνθο. Ο στόλος μας αποτελείται από 12 σκάφη που πληρούν και υπερβαίνουν όλες τις απαιτήσεις ασφάλειας.

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Deanna FariasDeanna Farias
13:25 07 Oct 22
We decided to go with booking a private boat with a captian for 2 hours. Best choice ever! The captain took us to the beat places, and we were able to go inside the caves. The captain had excellent skills as he maneuvered into places I never would go with a boat. Amazing experience! We went October 1st and were able to book directly at the dock (drive all the way down the hill). I am sure they are probably very busy in the summertime and you should probably book ahead , however it was very nice not to have to stick to a schedule and just go down and book when we were ready. Also the water was so warm, even in October! The captain also made sure we saw the heart cave and posiden’s face. 10/10 best experience ever!
Anastasiia PenkinaAnastasiia Penkina
14:06 14 Jun 22
We had such a beautiful day with this company, took a first boat at 10:00, and saw shipwreck when it was not crowded yet, a staff is really well trained and skipper knows the best places to show you.Totally recommend!
Laura ReynoldsLaura Reynolds
09:32 07 Jun 22
We had an amazing boat trip with captain Yannis! He gave us a perfect tour of some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Great value for money! Would 1000% recommend
Randall GallowayRandall Galloway
14:02 10 Oct 21
Took a tour boat out of here for 20€. Boats leave every hour. It only stays at shipwreck beach for an hour but you can stay longer and take a different one back. Water was beautiful. There’s a small convenience stand at the pretty where you can buy snacks, sandwiches, drinks or beers and take them on the boat with you if you want or just sit on the small beach here and enjoy the clear waters.

  • star ratingNavagio – It was an amazing experience it had great music and the staff were so nice!! Me and my friends had an amazing time!!

    Σεπτέμβριος 10, 2022

    star ratingWe had an amazing time with captain Pilos, 10/10 recommend, breathtaking views and beaches. Fun and interesting journey with a lovely sunset at the end

    Σεπτέμβριος 15, 2022

    star ratingThe best time in Zakynthos – Very satisfied with the trip. Professional team. Giannis showed us the best places and was very friendly. Highly recommend!

    Σεπτέμβριος 25, 2022
  • star ratingFab private boat trip – Booked a private boat hire 7/9/22 with Poseidon tours Zakinthos was well worth having the private hire for 6 people for 2 hours we had a great tour around the… read more

    Σεπτέμβριος 8, 2022

    star ratingPorto vromi Marie’s cruises and fun – Great service, nice and comfortable boat. The environment is stunning. We had our own boat and if you are a bit experienced, it’s easy to boat around and anchor at… read more

    Οκτώβριος 18, 2022

    star ratingMy experience – Such an amazing experience we had an amazing time me and my friends! The staff treated as so nice! Deffenetly recommended❤️

    Σεπτέμβριος 7, 2022

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