Why to Choose Us

Porto Vromi Maries Consortium

porto vromi cruises
  • Our boats depart from the magnificent Porto Vromi Maries, the closest port to the Shipwreck beach and to the most beautiful caves, gulfs & beaches on the island
  • Our boats depart every 30 minutes - from 9,30 am till 6p.m
  • We offer organized trips, private trips, boat rentals, boat rentals with skipper all starting from Porto Vromi Maries
  • You can see more things in less time because of our advantageous location
  • Every summer, the boats of the “Consortium Port Vromi Maries Boats” pass all the necessary checks and controls conducted by the Port Authority and are maintained in an optimal way
  • Our captains are experienced, professionals and locals and they have transported thousands of our visitors over the years safely, never having caused a problem or accident.

Beautiful places in the area:

  • Shipwreck beach
  • Hidden treasure cave
  • Sfogio Beach
  • White Beach
  • Local blue caves
  • Poseidon’s Profile
  • Heart cave
  • Porto Steniti
  • Shiza oil Beach
  • Secret blue cave
porto vromi cruises